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It took me a while to think about the year 2018 and what do I want to achieve. The list of my goals I did in early December. Now it is the time to think about the way of the realization and to plan the actions. As I have divided my goals into 3 main areas, I needed to create some kind of a though map  – links and connection between actions. Let’s be honest – it is not possible to focus on everything. As well as it is impossible to know everything.


I made a decision to focus in 2018 on following skills. I am sure that they will guarantee me a success this year. My-To-Do List is very ambitious and impressive. But I did my homework after 2017. I did a summary of my achievements and mistakes. This is why this article says how do I want to be better.



I am going to be self-confident and I will believe in myself. This going to be a huge step. I will connect it with authenticity and wide presentation of my thoughts and ideas. The pictures of my person will be consistent – at the company and during the work with my team, on my blog and plan that I will realize with Diamond Manager.

One of my dear friends wrote me on a Christmas card – ’Don’t set the bar too high’. I did not listen to it. But I divided all of my goals into smaller steps. I am ready to realize them.



Quite simple, but not always understandable. If I want to change the world, I need to accept changes. I will be more flexible and I will have bigger ability to adjust to new conditions and to the time that is coming. I will be more open to upcoming life – private and business. And I have already promised myself that I am ready to kick my life for that.



The longer I think about it, the quicker appears the thought in my mind that all problems can be solved. From many years already I don’t treat problems as problems. They are just an opportunity for me to find another solution, to be more creative, to drive the innovation and think outside the box. Every kind of difficult situation can teach me something new, can open my eyes. And even more – for many years I am not afraid of sharing my mistakes. You have to believe that mistakes can bring you brighter future.



Being alone with own goals is not the best solution. Really! This is why this year I will learn how to delegate more tasks. I will trust more my teammates. I am going to tell them that I am glad I can rely on them. Appreciation is the main goal in 2018. Later on, I will focus on employees skills, so I can plan their development and training. Brainstorming, briefing session or regular meetings can bring positive worth to all. Success is a teamwork. I will encourage them to a daily work and I will show them it is worth to tell own opinion. I hope my team will be inspired by me every day and that they will be inspired also me.



Starting again with providing a feedback. I believe that it can have the only good influence on us. And I want to hear it all the time. All the time I am asking for it. Positive feedback always gives me wings. Assures me about good choices. Negative feedback – similar to problems – makes me look for a new way. I am going to ask more questions. Because I want to understand everything that is communicating with me. I will also clearly speak. I will express my needs, ideas, and thoughts. There are no good lies, the bad truth is always better.



I am going to attend all interesting networking meetings. I want to know new people. And share my experience. And learn from specialists and leaders. This is one of my goals for this year – to find a mentor. Someone who will teach me how to be a greater leader and manager. Constantly I am looking for courses, and conferences where I can meet people who are better than I am.



You might be surprised at this point, but you shouldn’t. I am selling daily. My team, my thoughts, ideas, and rights. I will learn how to do it better. I want to improve the process. At every action, I am wondering, what I can do better next time? On what should I focus earlier? I am going to ask my manager’s colleagues how do they act and I will check if it works also for my team.



I don’t want to stop. I want to learn all the time. I want to explore the manager and leadership area. I believe that with every taken step I can be better. I can realize I will slip up. I am ready for that. Changes are needed. Self-development and self-improvement are nowadays important. The world is still moving and the rules are still different. And my goal is to grab as much as possible. 2018 is going to be better than 2017. And the journey has just started!



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