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I have read somewhere that it is always so that employee leaves the company. The employee is not fired at all. It would be taught for me not to agree with that. But what if really we cannot give everything to our people and finally they decide to leave? As a manager, you have to be a good psychologist. And you have to know how to read people, from their behavior, attitude and body language. When you are losing the employee it is not important that he goes away. The reason, why he does it, is extremely important. Do you know that?

For few last years I was asking my colleagues, why did they make such decision and what had the biggest influence on that. From there my research I have gathered few main factors. If you can recognize them quite quick you can avoid few problematic situations. You can also set the last goals and requirements for remaining time for the employee.


1. Employee is criticized all the time. 

Of course, everyone has good and bad times. Mistakes happen to everyone. But remember that you cannot provide all the time only negative feedback to your teammate. You have to find a balance. If you see that employee is very dissatisfied with your opinion, you can also ask why, and what are his expectations. Criticism supported with good arguments can be very effective. If you criticize all the time, in a negative way, be sure – even one compliment will not help your employee before making a decision on leave.


2. Lack of good communication.

In your team, you can find many personalities. There are people who will support you or will be against you. You will find also some who will complain, for everything: air conditioning, dust, too much work, too many gossips, and so on. You as the manager have to be a cement. This is your work to explain your team what is the most important to you. And on what should they focus. If the rules are clear, there is always time for something extra. Like new jokes, small talks, company gossips. With an integrated group, you can also arrange birthday-sweets-corner or Xmas gifts. If you are not communicating with your team at all, be sure that once they will turn against you.


3. Stagnation, no challenges. 

One of the worst factors. This is a red emergency light for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, there is never ever place for a stagnation. Your team has to have new goals and new challenges. You can make few experiments. You can ask your employees what does ”challenge” mean to them. What do they expect? If you have information about new projects, don’t hide them only for you – give them to your people. Build the feeling that they have huge competences and you trust them. Give them a chance for development!


4. ”That something” is missing.

”That something” that cannot be clearly specified. This is at the same time something big and something totally not important. This is why you have to be psychologist, therapist, coach, team leader, and friend. You have to have this experience to read words, to understand people needs, to clarify misunderstandings, to help, to advise. It would be very nice, if the employee, who decided to leave is ready to provide you very constructive feedback. With few clear points, maybe even with  the comparison,  what you could do better, to keep this person.


5. The uncertainty of being employed.

This factor appears mainly in two situations. When something is going on in the company. Like reorganization, new job opportunities, new managers. Or when the period of employment is coming to the end. In both situations, you have to cooperate closely with your team. If you organize short meetings, always tell the truth about the company news. If your teammates ask for a new contract be prepared to provide the answer with arguments. What is important is to share the information.


6. Supervisor with worse competences.

Or supervisor who plays like has no knowledge and competencies. This is not a comfortable situation for both sides – employees and employers. For employees because they cannot trust or believe in the manager. If a teammate has higher skills and is ready to find manager’s mistakes, it is worth to care about such a kind of person. As a potential deputy, team leader or manager is not afraid of own mistakes. If you are leading the team or departments do not forget to ask your supervisor for feedback or opinion. Never stay in the same place. Always move forward. You need also to answer yourself whether you want to stay in a team where the manager has worse competences or you want to be a part of another team, where the manager constantly improves own education.


I can imagine that many of you are ready to make my list longer. For sure you would like to add also a point related to salary and money. Actually, everything depends on the work’s character. Anyway, all your employees deserve the fair treatment. If you do so, you will have all the time clear situation with your teammates. You can ask them all the time, what should you do better, what opinion do they have, how does their dream work look like. But if this moment comes that you are going to lose the employee, it would be nice to prepare exit interview, so you know the real reason for leave. Maybe then in the future, you could do something better.


And what do you think about this article? Do you know why you have a rotation on your team? Why can you not play together? How do you manage the time when your employee has last weeks of work?

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