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Nowadays it is quite difficult to find and keep a good employee. A person that will fit the team. A person that will be ready to work with you and with goals that you set up. In every my company there was always HR department and recruiter responsible for finding new candidates. During interviews or assessments, I am looking for certain features. I have to be sure that a candidate is a good choice. The same during working time. I try to light a spark or a huge fire in my teammates. Some features just can help people to distinguish among the others.


Today I present my short list most important features. Just go through my open list, random order.


Self-development and a will of increasing own skills

It doesn’t have to be anything related to work. It is about own brain stimulation. I do it and I wish to have only such teammates. People who care about own future. People who constantly look for opportunities for development. Books, online courses, networking. There is a lot of things to do after hours.


Being ready either for taking extra shifts or for changes in the schedule. For me, it means also that my employee is not afraid of changes, any changes. Daily flexibility in work and ability to take any tasks. It means also to be ready for unknown. This feature, flexibility, shows me how much I can trust and rely on an employee.

Stress management

Do you know any work where is no stress? I don’t. During a assessment, I always ask candidates, if it is possible that I can recognize that person is stressed. During daily activities, I observe my teammates all the time. If I see that someone cannot handle the stress, I react. For some people stress can have a positive influence, can motivate them to work, for some – negative, people can suffer because of stress.

Speaking about own needs

This feature I underline all the time. When I am looking for an employee and when I cooperate already with someone. Honest and truly conversation about own needs is invaluable. I care also about every cooperation that has a direction. If my employee can communicate, I know where we can go together or which way I can recommend. Saying about the needs can also solve some problems and clarify difficult situations.


Actually, about this care everyone. Without doubts. If a person is involved this can have motivational influence for others. The involved person knows the rules, knows where want to go and shows some direction to colleagues. With involvement, work goes easily. I can assure you that good manager can recognize involved employee very quick. And that can bring some benefits as well to both sides, for team spirit or for new planned projects.


Nowadays it is not only teamwork.This is also about the relationship with customers, business partners and colleagues from other departments within the same company. Good contact, ability to communicate with people, a will to understand differences, acting on feedback, thinking about the results of the processes. If employees can help each other, they can also rely on themselves. 

Asking for and acting on the feedback

Feedback – this is very popular expression nowadays. I ask for it all the time – my supervisor and my employees as well. I encourage my teammates to learn the feedback. For sure it will be not all the time good one, negative feedback happens as well. It is important to accept it or discuss it. If any action or change is needed, the employee should take it. Passiveness and monotony are not good buddies in a real world.

Asking for a help

At any time it can happen, to all of us that some help is required. Some people have self-awareness and they know how to ask for it. It might be even something small, but it is worth to look for someone who can confirm that. Support performed by colleagues is nothing bad. No-one, my employees or I, we cannot be ashamed of not knowing everything. I try to explain to my teammates that with helping each other they build up their relation and team connections.


I could tell you even more about my expectations to my current and future employees. With time I adjust them to my team and company’s values. I am not afraid of changes and driving the change. The bigger diversity of people I have in a team, the bigger challenge it is. Have you ever been thinking about your employees? Can you recognize which features are common? Can you identify features that you are promoting most days? Share with me below – what are you looking for in your employees?



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