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The Leadership Code by Dave Ulrich


What modern leadership requires from leaders?

  • to be a strategist, who knows something about the future
  • to be a person, who knows how to bring things to an end
  • to be a talent manager, who knows how to lead and motivate others
  • to be a leader, who knows how to develop the human capital
  • to be a person, who knows own needs and knows how to care about her/himself




A leader understands the strategy of competing and the influence of actions of the team and own for the realization of the strategy and company’s mission.

Effective leader forms the future of the business through analysis of competitive conditions and generates innovations through creating and expanding the exceptional vision.



A leader understands the effectiveness of indicators from own department and knows how to execute KPIs according to the company mission, vision, and goals.

Effective leadership is also an ability to translate the vision of the company into reality. An effective leader doesn’t forget about goals execution and tasks realization to approach the direction the company goes in.


Talent Manager

A leader can allocate resources in an optimal way and can motivate the team. It all directs to even more effective goals fulfillment.

Each leader has his own perfect world, in which he would like to work, the world full of any resources. It is a great skill, part of effective leadership, to manage those people he has, in order to assign correct roles, motivate and develop.


Human Capital Developer

A leader hires and manages talents in direction of the highest efficiency. He knows how to create the organizational culture in order to improve the effectiveness.

The human capital area is a very often forgotten one. The strategy, execution, and team management are the keys to function in a professional way. However, planning of human capital for the future is put on the waiting list. We put it away for never. Unfairly! The ability to build the substitute bench has a great influence on the long term leader’s success.


Personal Proficiency

A leader knows how to allocate own time and energy in an optimal way, between the above-mentioned areas. Getting them together might be not sufficient. A leader might realize that he is the weakest link of the team. This is why it is important to care about the personal proficiency – the ability to manage own energy, to allocate it between used areas, to be flexible in the emotional intelligence – to adjust the way of acting to the situation we face.

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