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portret Agnieszka Orczyk
Books have a special place in my life.

I remember when as a kid I was reading books under the blanket. Later, as a young girl during the night I could finish a thick novel. As a student, every place was good for reading — bus, tram, car. Since a few years, I have an e-reader and… I read more. Of course still printed books are accompanying me in my life. But nowadays, during my journeys, my favorite authors are with me.

In this place, I would like to share with few titles that have had a huge influence on me and helped me in my career.

I would like to suggest that those books are a must for managers.


Team Code of Honor. The Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life, written by Blair Singer


When I started to read this book I have already known what does code of honor mean. But I didn’t realize that my team could also have it. Singer provides many examples of situations where the team’s code had a final impact for a success. When I started to think about it, how it is in my team, I realized that I am the one who provides the code. But we together didn’t name it loudly.


A Code of Honor brings out the best in every person who subscribes to it.


With this book, every manager in cooperation with the team can create a set of rules. It is important to discuss the rules, as all team-mates have to identify themselves with them. Colleagues from one group have to have also the courage to fight for the rules, to judge them when it is needed and to guard keeping them.

Singer shows how a team can build a strong relationship. Some kind of the connection where everybody can trust each other, rely on each other and courage for involvement on the common goal.


Great players are determined by their talent, desire and willingness to play by the code.

If the team is participating in the same tasks, and if team-mates are open for changes they are on a good way to succeed. All people within a team should have a good contact with each other. They all should understand what they did to be the best. They all are willing to win. All members of the team feel responsible for colleagues. They all believe in own talent and skills.


Having a Code of Honor doesn’t mean that everyone on the team is happy 100 percent of the time. Sometimes things get messy.

As a manager, you already know that we do not work in an ideal world. The same is with our team. Although you are recruiting people with different talents and experience, it doesn’t have to be always the perfect match. One of our roles is to play with people’s strengths. To show them that our team is very valuable to everybody and that our code of honor shows every day a direction to the success.


Greatness doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it occur in a vacuum. Greatness comes from, first a passion for what you do; and second, a clear understanding of what you can and want to be best at.

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By friends I am called Agnes. Currently, I live in the Netherlands, but I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My life is a big change. This is why I show how to turn the change into the success. Leaving the comfort zone might be painful, but useful. After hours I am reading a lot. I also collect fountain pens and watch novelty on Netflix. I am running the blog to release my thoughts and emotions.

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