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Stress at work is accompanying us every day. Some of us can feel it all the time. Scientists have already proved that there are two types of stress.


First one has a motivational influence. I am not a doctor to explain you right now how this works exactly and what it brings with itself. But most of the time you are more focused. You are ready to take the action. Your organism is ready to take a risk.


The second type of stress has a negative impact on our health when applies for a longer time. You can recognize it f.e. by a loss of sense of humor, more accidents at work, headaches, tiredness, poor sleeping. And even more, but you don’t see the results of stress.


But I will tell you something. It is easy to take control over it. Let me present my checked methods.


8. You are my buddy, Stress!

As already mentioned – stress is also a motivational factor. If you are ready to accept the stress as the emotion or as a tool, you are already a winner! It means you are able to redirect the symptoms related to stress. You cannot fight with it (in the XXI century stress is present with every your step), but you can learn to manage it and use it as your ally.


9. Priorities first!

Your list should have only a few points. Not many. When you don’t see the finish, your stress level is raising. Try to create your task list with points that you can realize quickly. And your mind is brighter. At the very same time, you have to realize that your time is limited. You should find a strategy that allows you to manage the time optimally. Some tasks can be delegated, some can be ignored. Know your body better and find out what time slots during the day you are the most efficient!


10. Let’s start the change on the basics.

You have to learn to listen to your body. For sure you need proper food, maybe even some diet. Sleep according to your need. Take a break if you are ill. Your body needs more time, free time, without stress, to recover. Give up all stimulants. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar – they all can relax your body and mind temporary. But what next? Addiction? This is not the best way to fight with the stress.


11. Find your work-life balance.

As old quote says – work is not whole our life. And this is a truth. You should find a work-life balance. The more you are able to divide day and night between work, family, friends, hobbies – the less stressed you are. And the better-organized person you became.


12. Keep things in a perspective.

Easily said, worse to do. If your time is stretched to the maximum you might lose contact with the reality. Find some time for yourself, just to not get crazy. Find this ability to create a space for own pleasure. Take a step back, left or right to see things from a different point of view.


In the end, a question to you, my dear manager – how it is with you? Are you stressed? Have you already found your way to like it or to fight with it?


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