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Stress at work? No, thank you!

Stress at work is accompanying us every day. Some of us can feel it all the time. Scientists have already proved that there are two types of stress.


First one has a motivational influence. I am not a doctor to explain you right now how this works exactly and what it brings with itself. But most of the time you are more focused. You are ready to take the action. Your organism is ready to take a risk.


The second type of stress has a negative impact on our health when applies for a longer time. You can recognize it f.e. by a loss of sense of humor, more accidents at work, headaches, tiredness, poor sleeping. And even more, but you don’t see the results of stress.


But I will tell you something. It is easy to take control over it. Let me present my checked methods.


1.Go sleep, baby!

This is undoubtedly one of the most important processes in our life. When we are sleeping, our body recovers. We are resting, regaining the energy. Sleep is essential for living. Do you have problems with falling asleep? Change your evening routine. Do not look into any electronic devices – mobile, laptop, TV.  Try to make your mind empty and write down your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths and… wake up as clock alarm rings in the morning.


2. Houston, I have a problem here!

Remember that you are not alone. Some people might have other experience than you have. Some people could have already been in your situation. Talking about the problem, even if there is no solution, changes your way of looking at it. Your mind feels a relief. Saying something loud changes the situation. You can choose someone from work or someone from your family. The person whom you can trust and can understand your problems.


3. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

It is so effortless and painless. Breath to deliver more oxygen. Breath to regain an expected level of focus and concentration. Breathing has also a great influence on our mind if we are in a very stressful situation and we need to calm down, instead of showing the emotions we don’t want.


Breathe, yoga

4. And my answer is ”NO”.

Manageable, but with a huge result. We have a manner to help everyone, to solve all problems, to find the time immediately to everyone. Hey, is this a good direction? Your day has the same amount of hours and minutes. So why not to say gently and with good argumentation that you also have own limits?


5. I am fit-star.

Not from today, it is known that sport has a positive effect on our body. The physical activities release the pressure that is cumulated in our bodies. Our brains, minds, and attitude are changing. From the aggressive mode to everything is all right mode.


6.What the f**k is hobby?

It is easy to say, but it is, even more, easier to do. Our brain has to also rest and reset. With the task that is very different from your ordinary work, you can support your brain. This can be piano lessons, tennis, reading books, writing, painting, listen to music. I am sure you can find many things that can help you to relax. Maybe it is the highest time to make one of your dreams to come true?


Hobby, plants

7. Press ”Pause” button.

You are not a robot. You don’t have any ability to work all around without any stop. You have to find your optimal sequence of working time. 60min, 90min, 120min. During breaks, you can find a time for breathing session, meditation or appreciation. Listen to your body and find out how you can optimize your efficiency.


Second part of the article will be published next week! Stayed tuned!

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