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With the beginning of every new year I spend time, always more than few minutes, maybe even few hours to find out what do I want to change. I know I make new steps every day. For me it means that I achieve something, even small thing counts! This year I decided to write down those rules which I repeat year by year. I have added some new as well. Why? Because of the place in my live, where I am right now. Because of my dreams and plans for 2017.

Please, be my guest and let me present my 10 lessons for 2017.

1. Read books.

About anything (for me it means mainly Polish and Scandinavian detective novels and coaching things), but always when you have time and when you know it brings you a joy. Books help you to develop your creativity and stimulate you to an action.

2. Be ready for and open to changes.

Changes bring some risky feeling. Can also push you over limits and come up to your goals. But usually they means something new. New challenges are waiting for you!

3. Get to know yourself.

Do you know what are your daily needs? Do you know your 24h rhythm? Are your diet and physical activities right? How many hours of sleep do you need?

4. Ask for feedback.

It really doesn’t matter whether feedback is positive or negative. Positive sounds good and you rise into the air. Negative makes you think, ask 5 times ’why’? question and push yourself to changes.

5. Failure turn into success.

I even dare to say – throw away word ’failure’ and exchange it for ’experience’. It sounds better, isn’t it? Experience turn into success. Visualize yourself positive solutions. Remember that good is always coming back.

6. Have your own rules.

Your rules don’t have to be steady. Actually it is better to be flexible. Times are changing, you as well. If you have rules, it means for other people, that you are involved in your live and you have something to say.

7. Set your goals and fulfill them.

Small goals but real ones. Just as SMART method says. Every achieved goal means new experience and small success, for which you can give you a small prize or gift.

8. Do not pursue to perfectionism at any price.

It is better to be satisfied with your actions. It is not worth to work over highest level all the time. Have you been ever thinking what you can lose by perfectionism? Time and pleasure for further steps! That is right! Learn how to act here and now. Improve your operations but do not put them off for later. You are living right now!

9. Thank others.

Say ’thank you’ to those people, who help you to achieve your success and give you a support in your actions. Surround yourself with people who want to do something, who know what feedback is. Those people give you a motivation! Do not waste your precious time for pessimists and people that do nothing with and in their lives.

10. Create your personal brand. 

Remember one thing, you are your personal brand. You are creating it every day, hour, minute, second. It is important what you say, do, express. How are you dressed. What actions do you act. People will always remember something about you. The better thing it is, the better for you.

These are my 10 lessons for 2017. And yours? What are your goals? Share with me in a comment!

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By friends I am called Agnes. Currently, I live in the Netherlands, but I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My life is a big change. This is why I show how to turn the change into the success. Leaving the comfort zone might be painful, but useful. After hours I am reading a lot. I also collect fountain pens and watch novelty on Netflix. I am running the blog to release my thoughts and emotions.

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