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Everyone knows that we are not living in the perfect world. Actually, it would be very boring. The same is with our teams – we cannot have only stars among our employees. This comparison can be also used when we think about managers. So… ourselves. We also are not living in the perfect world. We are facing some issues that we can even not see them. Realizing them can help us to avoid some serious problems.


Usually, it is so that we are overloaded with the work and we do not see that something is wrong. It is worth to recognize such kind of feelings. This tells about our mature as the manager. I have to admit, I am lucky in this area. In my surrounding, there are people who are very trustworthy and have this courage to tell me the truth, directly into face.  But when I look into the past I find few things and I am able to see a few common managers real big problems.


I am the queen (king) of this kingdom

Domination over the team and controlling everyone and everything this is what queen (king) does. In the fairy tales, not in the real world. Good team management requires the right people in the right place or in the position, and proper tasks delegation. The more we focus on the recruitment process, the less additional work we would have in the future. Also, the processes we have implemented have a great role here. When our employees know their roles, tasks, and responsibilities, should we worry about anything?


Picture of Queen and King Diamond Manager

Best friend or worst enemy?

If you recognize that you are too much dedicated to the team, always very open and you are ready to scarify yourself – STOP! You are not the best friend of your employees. Constant envy and excessive vindictiveness direct to the enemy posture – STOP! Being a manager means you are fair and act in a balanced way. It is possible to have friends at work, but double check with your code of honor, if you want to approve that. Negative attitude brings negative feelings and stress. Our health is not worth that!


”Let me help you with everything” vs. ”I don’t want to be involved in anything”

Sometimes we observe that there are people who are forcing themselves to others. In managers position, it might be seen as a kind of imposing the will. Old school people would call it ”to be a mother/ father to everyone”. Managers with this mindset would like to be present in every employee life – at work and after hours. On the other hand, we can recognize managers who are not at all involved in the social life of the team. But in the negative aspect – no small talks with people, no empathy, no understanding situations. Coldness in personal contact with team-mates doesn’t bring the friendly atmosphere. The emotional intelligence of the manager allows him to find a balance between the mentioned two extremes.


I will never tell you no.

Assertiveness for most people is only the ability to say ”No”. This is not really a truth. For me, this is a very important skill that I practice every day and look for also in my employees. To be assertive means to say things harmonious with own code, to say yes and no, to provide a feedback, and above all – to act without hurting other peoples’ feelings. I am sure that in your surrounding you can find managers who allow others for everything. I hope that you are aware of the consequences. Trusting in everything employees this is not a real empowerment. The same situation is when managers are adjusting everything for team-mates, and at the same time, they do it against own will. Do you see here a respect for the manager/ team leader?



The problems I have bent today over are real. If we are smart managers and team leaders they are present in our life, but in the balanced form. Because there is nothing wrong with showing the empathy or being assertive. There is nothing wrong with breaking own rules because the situation requires that. There is nothing wrong in thinking outside the box, being creative, trying something new, being human!


I am wondering if you recognize yourself in today’s post? Let me know below in the comment!



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