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Good question – why it is worth to share the knowledge. Some of you already think about a coach or a trainer, who does it. Maybe you will think about the mentor. However, it refers also to us – managers. Some of us take another step in the career and think about building a personal brand. And all of these examples are right. They have in common one factor – it is worth to share.


Maybe even now, you haven’t been thinking about knowledge sharing. I think that most probably you are doing in unconsciously. And that is good. Intuitively done is the most authentic.


While preparing for my mid-year summary I took a new form with summarizing questions. I used one promoted by Adam Debowski (article written in Polish). Going through the list I came up with the idea of doing the summary also for my blog. This thinking process gave me an idea for this post. Why do I find it worth to run the blog and still share the knowledge.


I can make the order with my thoughts.

It is so simple as difficult at the same time to understand. Many leaders and managers underline, how important it is to put on paper own thoughts. The same situation is with knowledge. Usually, you have the great mess in your head. Map of thoughts or simple charts can bring you the calm to your soul. Thanks to that you can have the view into your strategy, update your action plan and be more efficient in the second part of the year.


I learn.

I believe in the theory that we learn the whole life. It doesn’t matter in what age we are. We still can make or do something for the first time. Thanks to learning you develop also your creativity. You can learn new communications style, how to delegate tasks, how to write posts, etc. 


I am an inspiration – mentor.

The more you are open for knowledge sharing, the more respect you gain among your employees and co-workers. You became an example and inspiration for colleagues. If you have eyes and ears open you can also help others to achieve their goals. Once, when the time comes you will check yourself in the role of mentor. Mentor – sounds proud. It is a great opportunity for sharing your knowledge and taking responsibility for someone else.


I am giving something good. 

I know that sounds funny, but it is all true. With knowledge sharing, you are doing useful things in many areas. For people – because they can see your work. For yourself – because of learning new things, making the order with thoughts, inspiring others. You can have this feeling of self-realization. Wow! It sounds like nectar to your soul.


I create my personal brand.

This might be the secondary goal of your work. In the XXI century, in the age of social media and the Internet that is a potential channel of own advertisement. It is worth to have a website – like an online home, where people can find out who you are and what is your specialization. Your personal brand is important. It presents you as an expert and specialist. And you see yourself as the expert, right?



It is worth to share knowledge. Although some people may say different. They can consider this as a competitive advantage. In some period, short or long, it doesn’t have a chance to survive. The knowledge is available everywhere. Others will also answer questions. We are living in times where the way we understand things and what we know has great value.
I truly recommend the open attitude. This works for us – new contacts, new events, new challenges. Sharing knowledge is great for our mind and soul. It is worth to do so!



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By friends I am called Agnes. Currently, I live in the Netherlands, but I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My life is a big change. This is why I show how to turn the change into the success. Leaving the comfort zone might be painful, but useful. After hours I am reading a lot. I also collect fountain pens and watch novelty on Netflix. I am running the blog to release my thoughts and emotions.

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