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Welcome everyone in 2019! 



Many of you see the new year as the opportunity for starting the new chapter of life. This is how the long list of New Year’s resolutions is made. And, if you have that list – what’s next? Have you ever been thinking how many times have you already done that?
This is not easy, I know, to fulfill the list and to celebrate the success by the end of the year. Take a look on that from the other perspective. You are a very smart manager, you do planning every day, so what is the point?
I have found 5 things that help me not only with New Year’s resolutions. They are also very helpful during the year with any new goals.


1. This goal is cosmic.

You might be very enthusiastic because of the New Year. You might have 12-mile stones on your list. When you have feeling that they are not realistic at all, why do you have them there? You cannot clean the world one day. You cannot renew all buildings in the city. But you can stop using plastic bags. Or you can eat in a healthier way. You see now, what is realistic, what not. It is also important to have few goals on the list. Some of them easy to do – so you can grow, and a few difficult – so you have to do your best. Is your list ready? Are you ready for the next step?


2. SMART(ER) your goals.

Having a list of New Year’s resolutions is already half of the success. Now take a look at it. Can you make them SMARTER? I am sure you remember how to plan perfectly! But let’s do it once again.


S like Specific

When you read aloud your goal, do you understand it? Is it really clear what do you mean by that? I hope it doesn’t leave a space for any over-interpretation!

M like Measurable

How are you going to check if you are on a good track? Are you half way or the mission is accomplished? You should be able to measure somehow your progress (fe. time, distance, percentage).

A like Achievable

As you already know from the previous point – you have to be able to achieve your goal. It cannot be something impossible – flying to the moon and back is still just a dream! Think about the proudness of putting a mark on your checklist.

R like Relevant

The step you make with your goal has to be important to you. It has great value for you. It takes you to another level.

T like Time-bound

Time frame, timeline, anything related to the time. As the year has only 365 days, and each day has only 24 hours – just to remind you, although I hope you already know that. You have to be able to count or predict how much time you want to dedicate to a goal. Should it happen during a year, a month, a week?

E like Exciting

Are you excited when you think about your goal? Does it mean so much you feel goose pimples? Is it something extraordinary you would like to rid off now everything and focus only on your New Year’s resolution?

R like Recorded

Not so many of us remember about that – to write goals down. Or in any special place – like a new notebook or just in the calendar. If you do it on paper it is more powerful. You will not forget about your goal. You are more motivated to achieve it. You will never say you have forgotten about it.


3. Check yourself.

Having a list of goals means you have to work with it. It is a piece of waste when you don’t come back to the list on regular basis. After a while you can realize that: 

    a) goal was too simple

    b) you don’t want this goal anymore on the list

    c) goal is not realistic anymore – what were you thinking when you wrote it down?

As mentors say – double check yourself. Verify the timeline, track your progress, follow the changes and needs.


4. Hey, did you know that…?

Yes, a very important factor is our social life. To find allies. Because there is always someone who thinks similar to us. Maybe even doing this year the same. So having a supportive person or a team is a great opportunity. To meet, to discuss, to laugh. Who said that the fight with New Year’s resolution list should be boring. Remember – you are not alone. You can always hear the opinion from others. Maybe someone is already experienced? You need support!


5. This is a small step for the human and… huge reward for myself.

Girl, boy – don’t forget about giving yourself space. A space for a mistake or even a failure. The is nothing wrong in the lessons we learn or in changing your mind. We are just human who try to achieve something, to be better for ourselves! After completing a difficult stage of your goals-race you should somehow reward yourself. Should it be something small or something big – it is all up to you. The most important is your inside feeling. You feel proud, invincible, strong. You are the best of you.


I hope you pursued yourself that it is nice to win with New Year’s resolutions. Because of being motivated the whole time when tried to achieve it. And having support in a group of people you trust. Because of changing yourself, breaking own barriers and limits. Due to all of those amazing feelings while you can shout to yourself ”I did it!”. 


I wish you all the best in 2019. Be healthy, have fun from things you do, enjoy the life and be yourself. With all of that, the success will come!


P.S. Success is not like a Yeti (everyone hears, no-one seen)!


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By friends I am called Agnes. Currently, I live in the Netherlands, but I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My life is a big change. This is why I show how to turn the change into the success. Leaving the comfort zone might be painful, but useful. After hours I am reading a lot. I also collect fountain pens and watch novelty on Netflix. I am running the blog to release my thoughts and emotions.

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