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How to recognize futute leader - title

One of the leader’s responsibilities is to recognize the development needs of his employees. One of those need might be a promotion to a higher position. Usually, we have already an opinion about the person, covered with facts and feedback.

Also this year my team-mates had the opportunity to grow within the team. We have been looking for senior specialists and deputy. What a great chance to move internally among the team they know.

This recruitment process has brought to my mind a question that was accompanied me for some time already. How should I decide, who might be the best in the new role, if all of them are presenting equal skills and competences?

When I was thinking about that I have found an article written by Claudio Fernandez – Araoz. He claims that there are 5 factors which can help you to identify a future leader.


1). Knowledge

Your potential leader has the knowledge needed in a new position. Or is ready to gain that knowledge. Why? Because you might already know that your candidate has skills or soft competencies, but is lacking the knowledge about the process. He can catch up with the gap in a very short time.

2). Visibility

Your potential leader sees already himself in the role. This candidate sees how he can build the team and how it all can work in the organization. Is not afraid of giving the opinion and with some help can make the first step to give feedback.

3). Skills

Your potential leader has huge potential and has already all required technical skills or is ready to get them. Through training, courses and the experience in the new position. Is also highly motivated to develop the knowledge by himself, as knows where to find sources of processes.

Team leader presents qualities

4). Experience

Your potential leader is an employee with a huge potential in some already identified directions. He knows how to develop and manage the team, dedicated projects or budget. His way of organizing things is already on a higher level and more complicated responsibilities are fulfilled.

5). Features

In your potential leader, you are able to recognize the following features.

    – motivation. One of the keys to success. A factor that pushes your candidate to work as a manager. He cares about positive interplay with co-workers for the name of the company.  The promotion is not only about the prestige which managerial position can bring. It is also about thinking for a long time perspective and learning new things.

    – leadership qualities. Your potential leader can absorb information and execute new ideas. When presenting a vision or a plan can build the engagement of team-workers. Your candidate is devoted to his case and knows how to achieve the goal, even if there are some difficulties on the way. This person is self-driven all the time to learn, to train, to develop.

Team in the conference room

All factors mentioned above are obvious. Most probably you are already looking for them in your potential leaders. In my opinion, there is one thing missing on the list – responsibility. It can be very widely understood and of course. From taking care of the team and their development, through decision making, up to understanding how with own example we can create the future.

Because the future is us. The team, the company, and even the world, everything is changing under the influence of our example, not opinion.

I wish you only simple decisions while promoting your employees. I believe that with your experience or with the way how eager you are to learn, your recruitment process can be easy.


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