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Have you ever been thinking about the brain? Do you know how does it work? How big part of the brain we use? Do you have an idea whether the brain is flexible or not?

I didn’t know anything at all. Till the time I met Daphne Feller. Dutch coach who specializes in brain-wide range of its subjects. The workshop I have attended gave me the view on the possibilities I still have.

Although the researchers say that I am not growing anymore, but the brain does! This is how neuroplastic looks like. With tough work and exercises, with making own habits and getting used to, adapting to new things and constantly improving you can change your brain. New connections can be created, the percentage of the used part can increase.

To reach own level of high or even higher efficiency you should do few things. To stimulate your brain you should make those things as daily musts. I know, right now you have this thought ”Hey, it is going for sure to be so complicated and time-consuming”. No, no, no. It is easy. Just check this out.



In my opinion, it is the most important task. Daily does. We are individual so everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Without a sleep, you process information longer. I can have a headache. Sleeping is really useful from few points of view. Sleep helps us to learn and process the information. Our organism regenerates and relaxes. Our good looks, psyche, health, and mood are improved. During the sleep our body cleanse itself from toxins and negative emotions. Thanks to that we are forgetting about difficulties from last day. We are becoming stronger. Our brain has  time to put all information in a right order. During the sleep, in a unconscious way you can get even new, brilliant ideas. Sleep and its good quality are highly appreciated by your body.

You need to find the answer on your own how much sleep do you need. Research says that it should be 6hrs minimum. Without disruptions. So, just go for it and don’t be afraid of sleep. If you are not regenerated, you cannot be efficient and productive.



Very useful, but very often skipped or forgotten. Thanks to the mediation you can calm down. You can stabilize your breath. You can take the control over the stress. Your organism has a lot of oxygen. The time you spend on it gives you a possibility to intensify own knowledge, realize own strengthens and become energized.

What is highly recommended to start with small steps. Few minutes daily will be enough in the beginning. During the mediation, you have a chance to focus on your breath. Your organism gets more oxygen.

The purpose of mediation is to release own brain from negative emotions and direct the beam of energy on the right object or subject that we want to focus on.

Daphne Feller recommends one exercise when you think you don’t have enough time for this. This alternative solution of classic mediation is unexpectedly simple. You can do it everywhere.

Name 3 things

To get away from the reality for few minutes find 3 things. Preferably different from each other, and name them. Ask yourself:

  • What do I see? Fe. Blooming three, shining car, yellow sign.
  • What do I hear? Fe. Classic music, broken glass, singing bird.
  • What do I feel? Fe. Frozen air, a fragrance of flowers, sunbeams.



Sport is useful not only for your brain but also for a health. Doing sports can relax you. Or actually, you can relax during doing sports. Many of the best managers do sport. Some of them in morning, just after wake up and before work. Some of them during the day – to build the peak of efficiency twice per day. Some at the end of the day. After all meetings and work-related duties. To calm down. To get back the balance. What is important is that you need to find your own way and the best time to practice it.

Have you ever been thinking what does bring you doing sports? Thanks to it your mind efficiency increases. You are able to remember more and quicker. You might never suffer the depression or other mental diseases. As you are exercising your body produces a serotonin – a hormone responsible for being happy. Your health improves – metabolism is balanced, your blood pressure level goes down, your immunological system is stronger. Do you know that feeling after sport sclasses like you are stronger than ever and nothing can stop you? This is because of the sport. Have you noticed that after few minutes of doing sport your negative emotions are gone? This is also because of the sport.

There is no need to fight for the gold medal and to be all the time the best sportsman in a group. Find a sport for yourself. Something that makes you tired, but gives positive feelings afterward. Spinning, jogging, fitness, yoga? It really doesn’t matter. Just move to improve your health and work of the brain.


Learning new things

You are the owner of your brain. You are also responsible for your brain. Do you like it or not but it is so. Your brain is quite flexible and very capacious. This way you have this ability to learn new things. For the entire life. Your brain needs stimulation for growth. The same as you have to learn new things and adapt to the reality when you work, travel, exercise. Your brain can get used to the things you are doing. You can teach yourself how to react to some things. Thanks to unconscious reactions your body does know how to behave. Thanks to learning you are showing yourself that you can. You are ready for changes. You are not afraid of unexpected. You can feel the satisfaction. There are no borders for you, you are able to fight with your weaknesses. You became step by step a professional in your branch of interest. You are willing to take a risk in anything because your brain motivates you. Assures you that you are going to will.


Don’t multitask

Do you know what people say? That women are multitasking and men are not. I thought so as well. But research shows that something like multitasking doesn’t exist. Our brains are not able to work consciously on few things at the same time. Artificial Intelligence can. People not. When you get too many stimuli you might have difficulties with reminding and understanding things. Probably for a long time you have thoughts that you can save the time. It is not so. Single-tasking is twice effective as multitasking. You cannot be focused on few activities. Your brain can allow you to do one conscious and more than one unconscious thing at the same time. Like breathing and walking, dancing and listening to music. Only 5% of actions done by us are conscious. 95% is unconscious.

You need to observe yourself and your reaction. Fe. Are you able at the same time to write the report and tell your colleague about the last meeting? On what thing are you focused?

Have you ever noticed how nice it is to finish something on time? Or maybe to be able to manage own MyToDo List in an effective way? Maybe this is a problem for your tasks – own time management, not multitasking?

Your brain needs stimulations and needs space – to work in a correct way. To give you a feeling of fulfillment.



After this workshop with Daphne Feller, I have one conclusion. You are your brain master. You need to feed it (by learning new things), relax it (sport, meditation), give a time for a rest and a regeneration (sleep) and work with it (single-tasking). Your brain can do a lot for you. But this is thankfulness rule. Something for something. You take care of the brain – your brain boosts your life, work, career. Your brain is your manager. It is smart, capacious, helpful, grateful if in exchange you are creating it proper conditions to exist.


Agnieszka Orczyk and Dafne Feller

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