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My congratulations! You did it! You have reached another of your goals. Now, proudly you can say – I am a manager. But what next? How to develop yourself, how to show your advantages? How to make another step?

I am sure, that there is a branch in which you would like to specialize in or a branch, which you wish to learn better. Issues from the chosen branch can contribute to your development and becoming an Expert.

If you do not know that yet, becoming an Expert can bring you many profits. This not only knowledge, you can obtain, but also this is a perfect beginning for creating your personal brand. Brand, which is named after you and is distinguishable is some special ranges. Probably you will think that this is difficult. Well, I will surprise you – difficult is everything, as long as you do not try and do not begin! Convince yourself, how to become an Expert in 5 easy steps.

STEP 1: Who am I?

Let to know you and from the beginning care about your brand – this is really important. Place your résumé in any portal for professionals. Of course, it means, you have to think about information which you want to publish and in which order. As you know, nowadays graduated schools are less important. Companies and potential employers value more knowledge, skills and experience. Remember, it is worth to spend some time on your perfect résumé. Maybe you would like to boast about something, thanks what other will notice you?

STEP 2: Where am I? What I wish to tell you?

Have you been thinking, how to get through to your receivers in the most effective and the fastest way? I hope, that first, what you thought about, were an expert blog and a good profile in social media. Two tools, simple to use, but which let for to pass the knowledge, in an effective way. Thanks to regular posts on the blog, at one address you can place the most valuable texts. In social media you can as well share with some interesting facts, pearls of wisdom and to celebrate different occasions. In advance, think exactly about what you want to concentrate on, make your business plan and just do it!

STEP 3: What do I know? What I wish to share?

You have to understand that really important is to give others that, what you have a lot – the knowledge. I am sure, as you were obtaining the knowledge, you have learnt from others. Begin a cooperation with some portals related to your business, begin to write some expert texts, begin to publish. Single articles will become a huge collection in a fast way, with which you can advertise your professional thinking about subject, problem or line of business. Without doubt, media will start to call you for new articles and publications.

STEP 4: What do I think?

Expert express his opinion about subjects, which are his strengths. Do the same! In social media or on portals you can publish your comments. Remember, you should have something to say. This is not the time for a waffle. This is always only few sentences, rich of content, which can rise you over other comments. Expert statements and comments will be identify with your personal brand.

STEP 5: Where will I? Where you meet me? 

Modern media are everywhere. Video and live transmissions, webinars, conferences and public statements – thanks them you have a chance to reach more receivers, establish new contacts with new people or even begin new cooperations. Praise on a blog and in social media, inform your followers, where they can meet you next time.

In the end, I will not reinvent the wheel saying that beginnings are difficult. And you know why? Because there is a huge chance that you have never published anything, you have never recored any video and even you have never made any webinar. But I do believe in one thing – you want to be an Expert and you have inner power to do that. Your career path is wide open and success is getting closer. I keep my fingers crossed for your success!

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By friends I am called Agnes. Currently, I live in the Netherlands, but I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My life is a big change. This is why I show how to turn the change into the success. Leaving the comfort zone might be painful, but useful. After hours I am reading a lot. I also collect fountain pens and watch novelty on Netflix. I am running the blog to release my thoughts and emotions.

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