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There are habits in our lives which we can turn into our allies. They can boost our energy or improve our daily actions with all kind of tasks. Today I am inviting your for a journey with positive habits that can make your life better.

I am still impressed with the book ”Tools of Titans” of Tim Ferriss. The author has interviewed many successful people and asked them about their daily habits. Habits that can make life better.
While reading the book I did a list of the most popular habits that are mentioned in the book. I created a very useful list – my daily to-do list. As you will notice below most of the habits are very or even extremely simple.

Most of the barriers are seating just in our heads and minds. Breaking the ordinary habit makes our brain more active. And from that, there is a simple way from a healthy brain to a healthy body and life.


Think positive.

This is an amazing habit. Positive thinking about yourself gives you a positive attitude. You are more friendly to people and yourself. You know how to manage your emotions and you are assertively expressing them. When you smile, people smile to you and you are seen as someone happy.

Manage your time.

Did you know that your day has only 24 hours? From that, more or less 8 hours you sleep. What you will do with the rest of the time is up to you. Would you waste it or use for a very good purpose? Plan your actions, so you don’t waste the energy. Group meetings, so you are always on time. Learn the discipline and you will be seen as a very good organized business partner. Spend your time on systematic actions. Together with a consequence, you can reach your goals.

Take care of your health.

You know how do people say – in a healthy body, healthy mind. Your body and mind are constantly actively cooperating. Don’t let them down! Take a look for your food. Is it fully nourishing? Do you exercise? Check if you make at least 10 000 steps every day. You don’t? Move from the coach! (By the way – did you know that you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks while walking?) How much time do you sleep? Is it sufficient for you? Have you already checked, whether in your neighborhood there are yoga or meditation classes? With understanding your emotions and your inner you, you will read from the world like from the open book.

Take care of your health

Dare to dream!

Not from today, it is known that dreams are boosting our energy. It is very nice to dream about our future, our goals, about success. Have you ever created a bucket list? Do you know that feeling when you mark the completed task or dream? Pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment. This is why letting yourself to celebrate the small success or completion of the project is so important. Find people who are giving you positive feedback, are not afraid to give a negative one, who think similar to you. Find your allies. Create your team of advisors.

Show appreciation.

The good word doesn’t cost you anything, but for your colleagues can mean a lot. Showing appreciation is like reaching the top of the mountain. We are not born with that, we need to learn it! Expressing admiration, showing respect or praising people. These things lead to trust. Our colleagues see us as a positive person. We see ourselves as a self-confident specialist or just simply – human. The more you can create a distance to yourself, the more you are giving to reduce the distance. Space is important in our life. So we can take a look for our work or problem from another perspective.

Learn everyday.

Do you think you know yourself good? Do you know your habits, good and bad? How your body reacts to stress? How do you cooperate with people? What is your communication style? You might learn a lot from other people. Just listen to what they are saying. And ask questions. Be assertive, explain why and what are you looking for. The ability to understand the lessons (our failures, our mistakes, analysis of different situations) is already one of the valuable quality. You can learn from people, books or newspapers. There are plenty of possibilities around us. Spend a few minutes every day on learning – improving and developing.

Learn everyday

Save some money.

You don’t have to be a queen or king of savings. Just make a quick calculation. How much you could save without any sacrifices? Maybe you could already start with a few changes in your shopping. Count your money! I am sure you don’t want to work until the end of your life. Why not take care already about your future? Maybe you can go for additional holidays this year? Or you can publish a book next year with your own money.

First – change yourself.

We often think that while being on the managerial position we can change other people. The most of the time we explain that the change is needed. But – are we able to do the same analyze with us? Do we recognize our points of improvement? Are we ready to say in front of the team that we were mistaken? You need to train to find the courage to do it. Sometimes you can have a feeling about the tilting at windmills. If so, take a step back to reconsider the action. Or simply – just let it go. Let the things to solve by itself.

Change yourself


We all are thinking about a great life. It is not so easy to have it immediately. Some of us have to do a lot and put a great effort into something we call happiness. If you are thinking seriously about your development, for sure you are summarizing some periods. You know in which direction you go, or how you can update your strategy. The habits that are mentioned in this article are obvious for most of us. This is why you can name your habits or classify them to some groups. Some habits can make your life better. Life is too short for regrets. Live in happiness and with own rules!


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