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Going against the flow!

There is the author whose books I read every year. Actually every year the same books. And even more - every time I find something new. Some kind of truth that I didn’t find last time. Or maybe it is due to the changes in my life.  Anyway, today I present Jakub B. Bączek and his ”Earn the million going against the flow” (Polish title - „Zarobić milion, idąc pod prąd”).

I could summarize the book with one sentence.

This man makes you think.

Being creative and open-minded is to him a key to a success. Although the book is about the financial independence, every chapter brings you new ideas.

In the first one - learning stage - we are asked to look for a book and courses that meet our current interests and expectations. Later on, we are encouraged to look for a mentor who is able to explain to us the reality.

In the second chapter - searching stage - we should confront our ideas with opening the business. So, if we have an idea, how we would like to earn first money - this is the time. Because it is so simple to create the first product.

However, the third stage - entrepreneurship - is potentially the most dangerous. This chapter takes us from a moment of a development of the company, through difficulties with management, till leaving the company in the independent existence.

In the last, fourth chapter - financial independence, Bączek shows how with using past experience we can build a passive income.

Although the book is not thick, it is written very smartly. Reading it doesn’t take much time. What is really worth to mention are tasks. Exercises that show you on which stage are right now. They help you to open your mind and eyes to your dreams. Bączek did not forget about the real examples. Only from his life and own experience. And it is really nice that the young entrepreneur is willing to share with the knowledge.

What is interesting in this book and you will not meet anywhere, are challenges.  The author gives you unusual opportunity to mail him. You will always get back a message with additional part of knowledge. And what is promised, if you have a great idea for a business, he will help you in its realization.

Positive language, pros and cons, examples, honesty, and motivation are seen and readable in every paragraph. Bączek is one of us, who with passion and hard work achieved own goals and undoubtedly can say that he is a man of success.

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