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Sometimes you might feel a stagnation. Maybe even you think nothing better is waiting for you. Maybe you have stuck in one place, you are pretty satisfied, but still – something is missing. And then what are you doing? Do you start to analyze your current situation? Do you ask yourself ’why’ questions? Do you look for the new opportunities? Or maybe you are just explaining to yourself, ’Oh, I have today a bad day. It doesn’t mean anything. Everything is ok like it is.’

Stop! Take a step aside and think about you and what you could improve. Yes, keizen again! Step by step to make your career the same but in a different way. Realize, it is time to speed up your career, to unlock your leadership skills, to boost to the better future. Find out how 9 questions can help you in that.

Is your name already a personal brand?

Have you checked if you have or if you are already a personal brand? People should recognize your name and they should know in which areas you are an expert. Do you have a good opinion? I hope you also exist in social media. I mean you have a fan page on Facebook or Instagram, an expert profile on LinkedIn or your personal blog or website. On the other hand, don’t forget to feel every day like you and like a brand you are creating. Check if you wear proper clothes. Verify if you meet with people who believe in you and help you to be better.

Do you promote independence?

I know that you are a manager. I know you are a team leader. But you are not a mother or a father at work! You are there to teach your team an independence. Independence in making decisions, making mistakes and taking responsibility for them. This is how you can motivate your team – by giving them space and a free hand. They will trust you quicker and stronger.

Do you promote thinking?

I just love to work with people who think more, outside the box and are creative. They show me their involvement. They assure me about their process knowledge, but they can see also its weak points. They are not employees ’from-hour-to-hour’. Those co-workers know how to reach the highest level of customer service. For them, stressful situations and cases with no exit – simple – don’t exist. Those employees are my personal heroes!

Do you promote learning?

It is a long process to get and set a knowledge. It is also a truth that some habits you can set with actions and repetitions. I always give my employees a possibility to learn something new. I am a mentor for them. But I expect, they became mentors for the newcomers. If one of my teammates feel he needs more training to master skills, he gets it. If I feel not comfortable with a subject or I realize I don’t know something – I am reacting. Training, courses, one to one meetings, shadow days. Possibilities are available on every step.

Do you promote authentic beauty?

By authentic beauty, I understand advantages, good features, strengths and everything else what makes me and my employees self-confident. Mainly during the coaching sessions, I can thank my employees with details. Every time I underline why they are great in their daily job. I motivate them for further actions. I am asking also about their feelings. Do they see my points of view? What emotions does it bring?

On the other hand some tip for you. It is worth to remember about affirmations. In the morning to thank for the upcoming day, being health, for a special meeting. In the evening, before sleep – to thank for the passing day, good plan for next one, time spent with the partner. Reveal your inside beauty.

Do you not forget to promote education?

Please admit, do you study still? Are you looking for new opportunities of getting wisdom? Do you encourage or even arrange new training for your team? Few year ago I have discovered webinars and online courses – really simple way to get a new dose of knowledge. I am following bloggers,  who sometimes offer also podcasts – short lessons of a knowledge that includes a great energy and motivation. I am a big fan of those my employees who share with me with their new achievements, finished courses. I believe that they can teach me as well.

Do you promote awareness?

You work with your team in so many areas. I hope that you repeat daily like a mantra, why your people were chosen to your team. Your employees should have awareness about their skills and abilities, why they are so special. You should also underline a core of the process, steps they can make to finish all actions with the success. Talk to your people! Listen to them and fit your own actions to improve their results. The satisfied team is good motivated one.

Are you deceptively simple?

Creation of your personal brand or of your position should be simple. People who are looking at you or are asking, who are you, what are you here for, should have no doubts. With simple words, daily used, not searched in the dictionary they should be able to know you and to understand your position. You might have hidden complicated procedures and commands from your supervisors, but even though, the simplest action you take, the better you are seen. If you are explaining rules, use language your team uses. If you want to motivate people – show them the final result with a reinforcement or paying special attention to the news.

Are you authentic?

My favorite one. Your authenticity will be always judged. Check yourself, ask a friend for verification. Do your words cooperate with your actions? Are you truthful? Are you not changing your mind because of someone else opinion? Are you real in that what you present? Do you have own rules and do you follow them?


If you are a smart manager, and I believe you are, you could notice some regularities. All questions mentioned in this article are close cooperating to each other. In my opinion, without few of them, other are just not existing. It is important you cannot forget that as a manager you have to make today a step for better tomorrow. You have to still improve your skills, broaden your knowledge, motivate others for being better as well. You have to present proper attitude and your leadership skills all the time.


From this place, I would like to thank Mrs. Valia Kalaitzi. For inspiration, she gave me during the workshop “The added Value of Women Leadership & Tools to Women’s Empowerment and Leadership” organized by Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands Society.

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