Hi there!

My name is Agnieszka. My Polish friends call me Aga. But as I live in the Netherlands, usually I hear another version of my name - Agnes (where ”g” turns into ”h”, so it sounds [Ahnes]. Funny!
More than half of my life I have dedicated to working. I think I was doing almost everything. And usually it was and it is right now - bringing me fun.
A few years ago I have understood that I have a lot of time where I could do something precious and useful for myself. This is how I found self-development. What I promised to myself is to do something new every month. To sum up this boring description - I read one book per week. Every month I finish one course, webinar or training that is useful for me.
I decided to create a blog due to a need to react to that what is happening around me. Usually, my posts or books I read are strictly related to my real work and life. This is how I can release my thoughts and emotions.
I am glad you are here. I would advise you to start from the Blog tab and its List of articles. Then just go to the blog. By Contact tab, you can send a direct message to me.
Please, do not hesitate to visit my social media profiles:
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I like to interact with people, so… follow me, if you would like to know where I appear, so we can go for a coffee.
After hours you can meet me on a bike or at supermoto events. That last one with Supermotography.com. I love collecting fountain pens and notebooks. And real books. I am addicted to them and a tea.