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About this subject I could write a book. Really! ’How to fight with the burn out syndrome’ or ’How to fight with the routine’ or ’How to fight with bad habits’. It is so easy because I can realize my bad sides and I know I need to fight to survive in this crazy world 😉 Please, stop at this moment and do this algorithm.


Actually, as I mentioned in the last article, it is worth to do from time to time self-examination. Even if you think that everything goes well with your work and private life. Even if you are satisfied with things and how they are going. This time I present my ideas for this fight. I have checked all of the ways and with the full responsibility I recommend them. Of course, you can have your own ways – share with them with me!

1. Do not take work home.

Does it sound unrealistic to you? I can imagine! I remember my first weeks as the manager – I have spent few additional hours of work… after work. Then I realized that this is going nowhere. I have begun to look for work-life balance or even more work-life system. I have learnt to divide my 24h between work, rest, hobby, family and friends.

2. Keep the balance between work and time after work. 

The perfect situation is to not think about work as you leave a working place. And it is possible. You have to learn how to organize time and prepare a list of tasks before you leave work. It depends also on your work and agreements between you, your team and your managers, if you have to be available on the phone 24/7. During the time after work try to do everything else, but not those tasks which are ordinary to you.

3. Learn to read signals that your body sends.

I mean I know when I am bored or tired, I need to go to sleep. When I am afraid of leaving home in the morning or I have a stomach ache before an important presentation. Or maybe some other signals like hairs don’t shine anymore, skin is darker or bags under the eyes came out. Of course, that can appear as well, as you forget about healthy eating (balanced food, no fast food), doing sports (even if it means 10-15 min walk in the beginning) and sleeping (do you know how much sleep do you need to act in an effective way?).

4. Learn to rest and get the distance to work.

You cannot buy the time. You cannot turn back time. But you can spend time in a very effective way. Just on resting. Without a pressure, bothering your mind with work. The easiest way to have with you a piece of paper and write down thoughts, ideas, things to do next day. You can use also mobile.The way is not important. The idea is that everything that you write is not forgotten but your mind is clear.

5. Be assertive.

I learn it all the time. How to be assertive, how to say ’no’, how to recognize limits. Well, I know what are my needs, for what I can let myself. Assertiveness is a difficult skill. You don’t have to be all the time available for everyone. Your team consists of responsible specialists, right? Your friend can choose clothes by herself, can’t she? Remember, you have right to say NO.

6. Care of your development.

For me development is constant. I learn all the time and I look for new opportunities to develop myself. I read books, articles, blogs – every day. I publish in English – which is not my native language. I take part in webinars and courses. I meet with interesting people who can teach me something. I travel. I share a passion of my partner. I look for new challenges. Today, the world gives us many opportunities. We have to just look for them, not wait as new chances find us.

7. Set goals for yourself.

Goals in work and in the life after work. Small ones and big as well. Small goals can bring you to a  realization of those big. What is important, all of them should be realistic and possible to achieve. Every small success gives you a power for further action. Every success motivates you! In this place I would advise also to create a list of goals. Maybe you don’t believe it, but everything that is written down is like a contract. Your personal contract between you and your goals. This piece of paper gives you a chance to carry out all ideas.

8. Create your support team.

You might be laughing, but support team can help you. In realization of all points! Who know you better, your family and friends or co-workers? You can ask few people for help. One can check if you eat regular and do some sport. Second can attend with you at courses. Another one can discuss a book with you. Or as me and my friend – this year we support each other in the realization of different goals.


You know how it is. To live you need food, water and sleep. These are fundamental needs from Maslow’s Pyramid. In my opinion, if physiological needs are disordered you might feel like you are missing something. Like you have no strength for the fight. Maybe you think you have thick skin but you are not able to cheat your body. If you feel good with your organism, you can achieve a lot. You fell happy and satisfied with your life. And there no more fight is needed. You do not feel burn out. You have found work-life system.

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