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Actually question should be – is it a burn out syndrome or are you just tired?

During last weekend I met with my old friend. She told me that she has enough of her job, because of routine and ages she has spent there. And that she is not able to do anymore all duties. I asked her when did she last time have 1 week or 2 weeks holidays. I was shocked when she answered that many, many years ago or maybe… never. Later we have discussed symptoms of burn out and tiredness. And we found out, that it is worth to go on holidays first, before she quits her work.

It is important to recognize differences between both of them – burn out and tiredness. For the first time it might be tough, but believe me, it is much easier to find an answer for few questions than stuck in one place without happiness and satisfaction. This article will help you to check if there exist any threats of burn out in your present work.

1. Are you tired?

Tired all the time, without any energy to act. Even if you are after holidays or weekend when you had a rest. You feel tired in most working days. You feel nonsense of working.

2. Do you have depression?

In the beginning you might feel just sad. You are sorry for yourself. You feel you are trapped in your life, like in a cage. You cannot sleep. You wake up during the night and you ask question: ’Is it time to finish everything?’ Be careful – if this question came out – go to specialist. That are dangerous suicidal thoughts.

3. Do you have problems with concentration?

It begins simple. You forget about doing simple tasks, going on meetings, sending answers to the customer, you are late to work. After all you realize you are not able at all to do your ordinary tasks.

4. Have you noticed physical symptoms?

Pain in your chest, short breath, headaches, faints. You are more susceptible to illness. You do not feel hungry or you eat too much. Your body reacts for stress as well as for burn out.

5. Do you behave like a psychopath? 

How often does change your mood? How many times per day or hour? You can feel fear of leaving home. You do not want to accept new challenges and tasks. Or maybe you feel tension in contacts with other people. From time to time anger outbursts appear, both at work and at home. Or maybe you irritate more often? You feel like you are not important, you disappointed yourself – small problems rapidly grow to huge one. Or maybe all what mentioned is mixed at one time?

6. Do you have negative attitude?

To you and your life. You fight with negative thoughts about yourself. You think all the time what other can say about you. You are not satisfied with work, friends and family. You are not attending a social life. You stop working. You are avoiding contacts with customers, co-workers, generally with people.

7. Is world irrelevant to you?

You try to not make any contacts with people. You do not want to show any of your emotions. You formalize all contacts – without using any memories and names. Everything is irrelevant to you.

8. Did you lost a faith in your work?

From first place in a team you are leading the last one right now. You are not productive anymore. Your tasks are not closed, your list to do grows all the time. You feel you do not have any competences, you stop to adjust to hard work and new circumstances.

As I have begun this article I thought I will finish it with sentence that you have to answer yourself, if that what are you doing, your occupation, is still for you. But now I have changed my mind. All presented questions are proper also for use in life. To find a work-life balance.  With 8 questions you can verify all your relations. Maybe in your surroundings there is a thing for a change or a relation to finish. In my opinion any positive answer for any of questions is a good reason to think about present and possibilities of change. From time to time I do some kind of self-examination and I fight with burn out syndrome.

Would you know how?

Just wait for next article.

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