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This should be one of my first articles. This is because of roles and responsibilities that managers have. In my opinion all tasks we can put in a few groups. Then you can add as many duties as you wish.

If you become a manager by the first time you have to remember that your role is not to give orders and do a supervision of tasks. Your team can achieve full success when they receive independence in the action. You can get a support from a team and their commitment if you remove as many obstacles as possible from their way.

The better you do your job, the easiest it might be for you. You have to care about your team, care about proper tasks, good feedback, and motivation. Your team-mates and you are responsible for each other. Remember, they do not need a friend. They need a team leader with clear rules. You are the main source of company’s strategy and news.

Let me present 8 main manager’s tasks.

1. Recruitment

You have to be always ready to look for new candidates to your team. You can easily say what knowledge and abilities newcomers should present. You are able to choose a proper candidate who scores a success as your team-mates.

2. Communication

Always open, friendly and honest. You are ready to share company’s vision, goals, and mission. It means also passing a true information to the team. Don’t forget about providing a feedback.

3. Planning

It means you can specify what has to be done to achieve goals. Team’s goals that determinate company’s goals. You can divide the whole process into some monthly steps. You know how to verify them.

4. Organization

You can arrange necessary things needed to the realization of the tasks and projects. You know how to delegate tasks. You know also your employee’s knowledge level and their skills.

5. Training

You want to have the best team in the world, don’t you? You know team-mates needs. You can tell who needs another training for skills improvement. Training is an advantage that leads your team to the success.

6. Supervision

As the manager, you are ready to check delegated wok and task. You know how to verify a progress in a project, how to check if you have assigned tasks to the right person.

7. Evaluation

You have to check the results of the work. You can verify assigned tasks – is a team-mate following the expectations. The higher results achieve employees, the closer you all are to the goal. Evaluation is like observation, supervision, and coaching.

8. Dismissal 

It is a removing of those team-mates who can not achieve given goals. Despite second chance and coaching sessions you have to fire him. Keeping that person move your team away from planned goals.


During the work, it is good to remain the balance. Between being a team leader and doing your things and interest of your team. You have to remember that mistakes can also happen to you – this is nothing wrong. If you can learn from own defeats – this is excellent. You are on a good way to become a Diamond Manager.

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