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7 Free Motivational Tools


Your motivation should be always on the highest level. With it, you can work with passion and you can share it with others. You can make that everybody will see your enthusiasm.
Below you can find 7 tools that I am using to motivate myself and my employees. And you know what? Those tools are free of charge and they rely on your personality, attitude, and skills.


1. Giving the feedback

It is definitely much better than saying nothing. Feedback should be given on regular basis. Doesn’t matter whether positive or negative, but always with arguments. It should concern either current problems, work checking, improving or rating. And feedback should be provided in both ways – your to employees and from employees to you.


2. Listening

As the alternative for giving judgments and advice. Or telling how something should be or not. Or to hear what you want to hear. Listening and the way how do you do it, tells also about your experience. Stay always calm and open-minded. Listen to all sides. Give people space to say what they want in a friendly atmosphere.


3. Observation

Should be chosen instead of judging, rating, creating theories and assumptions. When you just observe you can very often notice more interesting things. Usually, employees will not tell you directly everything. Even when somebody points you a person/ thing/ behavior – observation can help you to build own opinion.


4. Being interested

Really being interested. Not pretend. But looking for details, confirming own opinions and thesis. Not taking a shortcut. Work actively in the areas you are interested in. Show involvement and ”I want more” attitude.


5. Asking questions

This is another form of statements, checking and verifying, creating the thesis or giving advice. With few simple questions, your employees can create the solution or can notice the opportunities for new projects. Questions can make others to loud thinking. And as you know – if you say something it is easier to understand it.


6. Self-awareness

It is much better than unconscious making an impression on others. If you are sure of your actions, easier you can defend own rights. And all the time you should verify your knowledge or contacts. It is not wrong to change your mind or say you were wrong. That kind of situations builds your self-awareness.


7. Being ready to accept the feedback

You should be an example for your employees. As the open-minded person, who cares about the cooperation, and support creative attitudes – you have to ask for the feedback. Ask all people in your surrounding. Your employees can tell you what is wrong in your actions, or what do they really appreciate. Your supervisor can show you the way for further actions. Remember – never too much feedback.



Now, as you know my 7 tools, what can you tell me about yours? Do you know and use those tools I am talking about? Or do you have own? Share with me in a comment below!



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