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We communicate every day with different people. The message we are passing might be quick understood or not at all. Have you ever been thinking what elements you can use to communicate clearly? No, I am not thinking about reading in minds. I mean methods that are really good known to us.

Actively listening is a basis of many relations. After years I have to admit that without it building a good understanding with employees or customers wouldn’t be possible. Together with it always goes a proper set of words. If I don’t speak the language of my employees I look like UFO to them. This is why being yourself and feeling good with communications bring you to the success.

Below you can find 5 elements I use all the time when I am communicating. Of course using them depends on the situation or kind of message. But understanding employees and adapting the style of communication are the key. Practice and improving own way as well.


I call it ”parroting”. I think the name is really comprehensible. It means you are using exactly the same words. What sender says that receiver repeats. It is useful during coaching sessions or at any process of collecting customers data. It brings you a possibility to feel in someone else shoes. You can confirm you understand everything that was already told.


In my words ”the light in the tunnel”. It helps me to repeat my own words what I have just heard. Thanks that I can understand better. And even more – I can express loudly my point of view. Sometimes it happens that using this method ends a problem. When the employee hears his word, but paraphrased, immediately solves issues. You have to be aware of using a proper set of words to not to hurt anyone.


With this method, you cannot feel any fear. It is required to ask few extra questions. If you don’t understand something, why you should last in that? Ask, receive the answer, be ready to the action. With additional questions, you are not judging anyone. You are showing curious in the subject.


This element is always tough. From you, as the manager, it requires honestly. Calling the reality always appears when in the team comes time for changes. But people are afraid of next step and they are avoiding the problem. You, as the leader, have to name the situation. It would be great to explain what is going on right now and what you all need. The more open communication the better everyone feels.


You just tell what are you asking for. In a polite way, with giving an explanation what is an issue for you and providing the instruction, what is the subject of your request. I know that with good passed request employees have felt, they are responsible for the request. When the request is connected with other results that bring stronger effect.


For many managers, those 5 elements might be unnatural in the beginning. With more practice, with understanding other people they become established. You have to look for your own way of communication. I hope you are able to fit all different styles your team presents. You need time to implement all methods. But today I can guarantee you – it is worth!


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