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Beginning of the year is always a good moment to start few things from zero. It is always a moment to think about the future, set some goals and prepare a plan. Usually, I start with short-term plans, like daily, weekly and monthly. Then I am preparing long-term plans – quarterly and yearly.

As a manager with the experience, I always do a summary of past period or last year.  But this year I have noticed that I do not always could achieve a success. I have found out five main reasons why was it so. And I would like to share them with you.

I know that sometimes it might be tough to name own problems. Anyway, it is also good to verify them with other colleagues, managers or supervisor. Maybe someone else faces them?


1. My To-Do List leads me to a success.

Believe me, this is a myth. We are all the time ready to create My To-Do Lists and add additional tasks. And another one. And another. So if we start with three tasks at the beginning of the day, we finish the day with ten tasks. And the question is, how many points we have already finished? How many times do you think that you can cross out all positions? How many of the tasks do you postpone for next days? A good message is that there is a solution for that. Create your list of task in agenda. So you know on which day you have to do a task. You know also how much time you can spend on it. With agenda you are able to group tasks similar to each other, so your efficiency can increase. With weekly and hourly distribution of tasks you can become own time master.


2. I do not need to set up goals. 

Most of us are ready to work in a quick tempo. This is done by easy goals that can be realized in a short term. But what about long-term goals that should be divided into smaller ones. Do we think in advance about the final result? How many times have you caught yourself on a list that does not have the end? You have to think about your priorities and a situation how and what are you going to feel at the end. It is important to use the same rules all the time. Maybe you set goals with a SMART method. Or maybe you will make another step for ENISMARTER method? Or maybe you will plan only 1 MIT per day/ week? What I would again recommend is to use a calendar/ agenda with hour periods.


3. I will remember about everything.

Really? Do you have such a great memory that you are able to remember everything? All your tasks are waiting in your memory? But what will happen, if someone interrupts you? Is it possible you can forget about something important? It is great to have own notepad, to give yourself the opportunity to let your brain and mind free from the heavy work. And at the same time to let them work efficiently. Do you plan also some actions and smaller tasks that will help you to achieve the target? Have you ever tried to divide it or maybe even partially to delegate them?


4. All tasks are important.

Please answer yourself honestly for a question: Do all your task have the highest priority? If yes – are you able to do them at once at the same time? Probably not. So yes, give all your tasks priorities! Do you know Eisenhower matrix? It is very useful for pointing out which tasks you can delegate and which have to be done immediately. Modern managers will also recommend some online programs (like Asana, Trello or Evernote). Everything is up to you – what kind of planning do you enjoy and which one is urgent to realize. But remember – some tasks can wait, some can be done by your team, some can be crossed out.


5. I am a perfectionist. 

And most probably you would like to add: ”And I do not need anyone’s help” or ”I can do everything by myself”.  Yes, this is some kind of truth. As the manager, you would like to keep an eye on everything. But at the same time, you cannot forget that you are cooperating with other people and you have a team. You should also forget about mistakes as a failure and focus on improving realization of tasks. Having a control on the task and a will of improving are keys for gaining the goal. Do not forget that once per week you should summarize the week and plan another one. Do not start a weekend or a working week with a head full of My To-Do List.



With planning, it is like with our daily life. We need to check what to do and how. We have to act, make mistakes and learn from them. We have to be able to find the best solution that makes us feel comfortable. The same is with planning. Some people will use a classic agenda, some modern programs. Anyway, in both situations, it is worth to do use them and make a plan. To realize where are we at the moment and where we would like to be in some period of time.

How is it with you? How often do you plan? On what kind of tasks do you focus the most? Do you have own way on My To-Do List? Share with me with your ideas in the comment below!



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