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Do you feel sometimes like you have a lot to do? And you don’t know how to start to do it? For sure you are doing everything, but you are not working. Probably you think ”There is no deadline yet. I can do it tomorrow. Today is not my day”. Calm down! Lack of motivation happens to all of us. So, what to do to have motivation back? You need only 5 minutes.


1. MINUTE – Stretching

You don’t need to run many kilometers to stimulate yourself to work. Short exercises during the day can increase your energy, involvement, and efficiency. Look for your piece of the floor at the office and move. Don’t look at others. Just find few minutes for this fitness.


2. MINUTE – Write down your weekend plans

Do you think it is a nonsense? You should not! If you feel like you don’t have energy, probably you don’t have also a motivation. As you are in this moment your weekend plans might be a real shot in the arm. You can plan some impressive event or two days of just doing nothing. Write down your plans and place where you can see them. You will find out how surprisingly you can work easier. And why? Because a reward is waiting for you during the weekend.


3. MINUTE – Write a message

Contact someone who you like or think about very often. You can send a short message to your friend and say you don’t have any energy right now. Together with friends or colleagues during the day, you can contact in a different way. You can support each other at worse day’s moments. It might be a joke or funny story. Who said that life has to be boring or serious?


4. and 5. MINUTE – Finish a short task

Is your computer waiting for a software update? Do you need to print some form? Is your colleague waiting for a link or presentation? Just do it right now! You can easily spend two minutes on some productive activity. Thanks that your „MyToDo List” can be shorter. The fewer points the better you can feel. Your subconscious will know you have done a step forward. And you will have more free time later on.



You see, you will never again say that you don’t have 5 minutes. Even 1 minute would be enough to re-direct your brain from „I am off” – mode to „I can more” mode. Sometimes taking only a deep breath can make a miracle.



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