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There is always a good time to say ”thank you” with those words or also with any other. Every day your employees deserve the appreciation. Showing it can build stronger relations and can make that results at work will be better. It is obvious that if your employee shows you the appreciation for your help it gives higher possibility, you will help him next time with a pleasure. The same works on an opposite side. A small gesture of appreciation improves the quality of relations. It is not a rocket science that people have nicer and positive attitude to those who appreciate them.

I practice 4 ways to show that I appreciate.


Giving a compliment

Compliment has to be clear and specific. Standard ’thank you’ works and this is important. Do you want to be sure that your employee knows that he is appreciated? Go to his desk and say it! Do you have regular meetings with team-mates? Always have ready arguments for appreciation. As the manager you observe them and you know what positive feedback you can provide. If you are saying ’thank you’ face to face it is more respectful from your side. Thanks that your relation with a employee is stronger.


Say it loud!

Individual thank you can be impressive and very useful. You can do it also in public. Briefing sessions or team meetings are good opportunity to say why you appreciate. People can also know that you offer people attendance in some projects and as the final it is worth. Try to do it in a natural way. Public appreciation can bring employees more confidence. And the value of employees within the team can increase. I am sure that after all, you will have more applications for next projects.


Give a small gift

Do you think it is funny? Not at all. Check, how people’s reaction may vary when you give them a small gift. Maybe you could start with a cup of coffee at every month meetings? Or maybe some sweets for the success of the week? And it is much nicer when you are giving a small award. You can show you are a part of the team and you are happy because of team’s success.


Send email to your supervisor

This is actually a part of your work – to inform your supervisor about your team’s achievements. Can you imagine how strong can raise the confidence when you are sending appreciation email directly to your manager? How often does it happen? Thanks that your employees can feel that their work is precious. And they will want more. Everything because of one short email with expressions ’thank you’.


During daily work, there are many possibilities to express the appreciation. Starting with small thank you face to face, through a praise among the team and finally – official information passed to the manager. The quality of relations can be improved, more trust will appear and more honest feedback as well. It is worth to appreciate very often for the cooperation.




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