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10 time wasters

Time lack or efficiency?

I think nowadays all of us suffer due to lack of time. Our day has only 24 hours, but we want it to have higher capacity. And higher. I can imagine that we try to divide the day between work, home, family and friends and time for ourselves. With the digitalization, we use some smart apps and time counters because we are looking for the efficiency. But during this race, do we notice time wasters? Have you ever been thinking how to manage the time? Goal for today: increase your efficiency!

What bothers you?

How many times did you stop to look at yourself at different point of view? Did you try to write down all your tasks? Do you actually know, what bothers you during the day? It took me a while to think where do I waste my time. Dear managers, please let me introduce my 10 time wasters.


No. 1. What will others say?

Ooh yes. It was in old times. Many times I was slowed down, because of this thought. What will others say? When will they see effects of my work? Or when I will say loud that I have other opinions than they? Thinking about such ideas is very time-consuming. My brain was delivering me few different comments per minute. As I have few thoughts per minute and I am looking constantly for new solutions or how I can improve myself, this was a problem. You might ask me, how did I stop it? To be honest I did not. I managed to reduce it. And in the time of stress, I learned to forget about it.


No. 2. Fear of failure.

The feeling of fear is my companion. But not due to the failure. A long time ago I have realized that there is no need to be afraid. Because of why? Will I not receive acceptation of the project? Will my presentation be not accepted? Will my team not achieve the target? Yes, maybe. And so what? My manager would give me a very good feedback about points of improvement. I would realize lack of knowledge or I should know new people. I would reconsider tasks delegation and change of KPIs. I don’t consider a failure as something negative. For me, a feedback or a mistake is always a lesson. It shows me my weaknesses and a room where I can be better.


No. 3. Perfectionism.

My beloved one. Perfectionism beyond everything. I used to had to be first in all competitions. I had to be before other people, always appreciated and adored. And you know what? It sucks! There are some areas of business that I will never understand. And I feel great with that. There are people who are smarter and now I want to learn from them. I believe that anything I do has a purpose. It is much better to do than postpone. Perfectionism brings me a stronger feeling of stress. I also couldn’t finish some projects, because I still wanted to improve them before they were released. Today I am happy and satisfied with everything I do.


No. 4. Lack of priorities.

This happens to me from time to time. Or maybe I should say – I allow myself for lack of priorities. But there is a deeper purpose in that – to slow down the tempo. Anyway, if I don’t have priorities or at least 1 MIT per day – I would feel like I am wasting my time. In a minute chaos appears in my actions. I am not able to focus on the task. So many tasks appear immediately that I do not know where to begin. Regular planning helps me to work in the very effective way. But be careful. Planning in another way than 80/20 might create the overload with work. What directs you to higher stress, too much overtime.


No. 5. Comparing.

Comparing is a total time killer. Yourself to other people, your results to results of others. Every time I let the waster join me I feel like my past is moving in the front of my eyes. I try not to compare myself to anybody. I am repeating loud to my reflexion in the mirror, ”Hi Girl, you are here, right now. You are doing a great job. You. No-one else does it for you”. I also try to ask other colleagues, why did they do something. I am looking for better way of my actions using the experience of my coworkers.


No. 6. Complaining.

I learned that there is no time for complaining. First of all, because it stands together with negative feelings, attitude and anxiety. Second of all, it closes a person for a constructive feedback. Third of all, a mind is closing for right actions and is not looking anymore for the solution. What I try to do, when I am close to complaining is to put myself in other shoes. I try to ask some questions, f.e. why did it happen? How can I use the situation in my work? Can I turn it into the success? And then immediately the bad feeling and a need of complaining are gone.


No. 7. Procrastination.

The public enemy number one! I can always find a reason to postpone a task. Every single day! When I am close to that I take a refreshment break. Few breaths and quick question, ”What will I achieve with the procrastination?”. The answer is obvious – nothing. So one second time I try to eat my frog and do the tasks. Or sometimes, to delegate. The biggest tasks I plan in the morning. Delaying things to do in time can have also some consequences. Which ones? It depends on us and our kind of work.


No. 8. Repeating mistakes.

This stage is far away behind me. But I did not forget the times when mistakes happened to me. Especially when I was changing the specialization or when I was not focused enough on the task. The price I had to pay for that was my time. The time I spent looking for own error and correcting them. I learned at the time that it is worth to plan some actions in advance, to divide them into smaller parts, to do what is possible more automized. I was also not afraid of asking for a help – to double check me if I am right or if I am on the same page as other members of the project.


No. 9. Indecision.

Well,  in my opinion, it accompanies me every day. At any time I need to make a decision. Is it worth to make this kind ’pros’ and ’cons’ list? Of course, it depends on the situation. Can you imagine that you are driving a car and when the red light pops up you start to think, should I stop or should I drive further? The same kind of issue we might face at work. The more experience we have the less time we spent on being indecision.


No. 10. Self-Doubt

Self-doubt always appears in very difficult situations. In moments that require huge focus and quick decision making. I have this feeling all the time. It is like on the one side I am myself and I am sure of the decision and next step. And on the other hand, I am doubting because I start to think about the consequences of my decision and if I have arguments to fight for it. In my opinion, self-doubt is useful. It makes me more motivated. It motivates me to confirm that my decisions are correct. It supports me in considering quick steps to move forward.

What’s next?

Well, dear readers, I just realized I need to start my personal fight with two time wasters. Did you notice that most of my time wasters actually seat inside our minds? Because it all is in us. It depends on us how do we arrange our agendas, how do we manage the time. In the perfect situation, it would be nice to have someone to talk about it. Coach or mentor. When you have this feeling that you are working and working but you don’t have the time – please, stop for a while and double check yourself. Where is the issue? In the task list? In time-consuming things? I believe in you and your goals. Just do it?


Your feedback counts!

I would appreciate also your feedback and opinion. Do you have your time wasters? How do you recognize them? How do you fight with them?

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