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How often do you think about the future? Your future. I can even make a bet that you live with the present.

This time I will just remind you that you are the only one who decides about upcoming times. Right now we are living in times that are totally different from that what was 10 years ago. Simple example. Could you please remind yourself, when you got the first PC? Do you remember walkman and cassettes? Actually, do you remember times before Internet?

Internet was a revolutionary invention. Like railway or planes. Nowadays we are even able to work from home or make a telco with our business partners from the second part of the world. Anyway, we are working with using modern technologies. We, not machines. But that future comes. And we must be ready for that. In 2016 in Davos, during World Economic Forum there was already a discussion about that. After the conference, the report about 10 skills of the future was published. Let’s take a look what employees and you too, need in 2020.

1. Complex Problem Solving

We are facing problems constantly. Easy and difficult. As the time changes it is not enough anymore to solve one problem. There is a need to think ahead on the process and provide a complex solution. Why? How? Those two questions will be used on the way to success.

2. Critical Thinking

An ability to have the courage to take a voice. There is no more permission for sitting in silence. You have a right to express own opinion without worries. Critical thinking is an advantage in the places where brainstorms are done or innovations are created. As every one of us is thinking different our thoughts need to be shared.

3. Creativity

Required in the past, at the present, and in the future. Creative people can think outside the box. Are able to think ahead and provide many ideas. Being creative means also thinking about improving the process or change something for being easier. Creativity is also an ability to work fast and efficient. A person that is creative is also open for feedback and cooperation with many people.

4. People management

Very important skill not only from a point of view as the manager. Nowadays this skill is useful for the projects. Where few people work together on one thing where someone is needed who supervises the project. In the XXI century on the employee market, we have people from 3 or 4 generations. People management is also about adjusting the style of management to a different people in your team.

5. Coordinating with others

It is worth to know what people do you have in a team (see more: Insights Discovery). Then you can easily adjust the way of work. To be honest, all people deserve to be treated with respect and to give them a chance to speak. It is much better to discuss things and/or ask additional questions instead of judging. Not all members of our team are on the same level in the same things or areas of interest. Team cooperation and team success bring stronger emotions and involvement.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Personal competence to recognize own and other people emotions. It is also the ability to use own emotions and to deal with those presented by others. This is also how you can control emotions, motivate yourself, a level of the empathy, how you can handle the stress and ability to adaptation. Self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-control. Emotional Intelligence shows if you are able to work in a group, if you are assertive and if you are able to persuasion (see more: Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence).

7. Judgment and Decision Making

The decision if something is good or bad, will be a success or a failure you made according to your knowledge and experience. You can need proofs and data or you can need only your emotions and feelings. There is also acting on a feedback. As a person that has this ability to think you can consider a lot of arguments and proofs. The more decision you make the easier is going to be. Not always you will have comfortable conditions. Sometimes some external factors will have the influence on that.

8. Service Orientation

Services understandable in two directions. One of you are a part that provides services. Where some KPIs must be reached in order to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. When a customer is satisfied with the service we provide he comes back, is loyal and can recommend the service to other people. Second as a trust to other parts that are doing something better than we. When we are outsourcing service or delegate tasks.

9. Negotiation

Really important skill. Very useful right now and in the future as well. You will not learn it at school. The real course brings you your life. Once you check what profits does the negotiation bring, you will never stop to use it. Negotiation is a dialog with second part in order to get what we want. You can negotiate money, term, and condition, additional devices, better shifts. Everything!

10. Cognitive Flexibility 

The really important skill. Tells about our capacity to learn new things that are not in our area of interest. Things that are opposite to our daily tasks. This might be also a something work-related task. For example – if you are a manager it might be – at work coaching, training, statistics, and after-hours – photography, yoga, web design. There is never too late to learn something. Our brain needs diversity in the task and needs to train with making new habits.



Those skills will become in the nearest future so important that you as the employee must be ready to enter the competition with Artificial Intelligence and machines. This is some kind of change that is waiting for us. And we need to adapt to that. We need to be proactive right now, get new skills and wait calm for upcoming times.


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