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In the beginning of your managers career it was everything beautiful, wasn’t it? Or maybe your team has put obstacles in the way of you? My experience shows that not every manager or someone who thinks that is a manager, is ready to be as well a team leader. In the worst situation are those who came out from their team. Some of managers are not open for new experience and want just to force their ideas. For many years I have been thinking about reasons why something went wrong. Actually, why it could happened?

1. Ideas meet reality.

Something else is to be a part of a team and to be its manager. People think that being a team leader is so easy, it is only about managing the team. Those people are not ready for facing problems. Big issues are ignored and team become frustrated. To be a good team leader means to be aware of own advantages and weaknesses and to have ability to admit them.

2. Lack of trainings in proper skills.

To keep a discipline in a team you need some skills. To manage the team you have to learn that. Nowadays thinking that manager is the most important person and never makes mistakes is not valid anymore. Team leader has to be self-conscious or has to have communications skills, should know how to encourage a group to actions and to be a good organizer. Manager’s success depends on team success. Team leader should not only focus on targets, should be also a support to his team.

3. No need to create a good relations.

Management is based on relations. It is a must to build a trust, tight team and know people’s talents. I will always underline that manager knows in which areas his teammates feel comfortable, want to develop or want to avoid. One-to-one meetings or briefing sessions are helpful also to share with ideas, report problems or give instructions. Team leader knows how to encourage employee for development and involvement.

4. Lack of listening.

It is known that managers have a penchant to behave like they know everything. Please, keep in mind – something like this doesn’t exist. No one should ever behave in this way. You, as the manager, should listen to your co-workers from the beginning to the end. You should be interested in all statements not only a part of it. Partial listening can cause many misunderstandings. Just put yourself in someone shoes – would you be in the same situation? Does it build a trust and commitment?

5. Inflexible priorities.

From manager, who is on the top of company’s hierarchy, it is required to have a complete knowledge that lets to make right decisions. But the truth is that this knowledge comes from competences of teammates. This ability of being a team leader is to see a potential in employees and to use it for whole company. Infallibility follows to ignorance.

6. Lack of making tight decisions.

It is not truth that managers always have the best ideas and make better decisions than subordinates. Brainstorms are more productive than only blind agreements for any decisions. Delegating tasks and part of responsibility to make a decision is much better. In one word it is called cooperation.

7. Alienation.

Alientation kills motivation, productivity and satisfaction from work. Finding yourself in manager’s role might be tough. Some kind of distance in relations may appear. Some of new promoted managers may very quick forget how was it to be a worker. This is not anymore a world of fantasy, this is real world with real people. What I would advise is to be all the time a part of the team. It means also to seat among co-workers. It is possible, right? Do not let to forget yourself that you still belong to this team.

8. Big diversity of salary.

Employees often don’t like their managers because of higher salaries, really higher. Actually this kind of company policy, where differences are very big, doesn’t have a good influence to all company. Psychologists think that employees change not only because of money, but also because of social promotions. This makes that managers are sure about their infallibility, are deaf for any arguments and not fair in their evaluations.

9. Aloofness.

Being a good leader requires some skills. Except competences important are also: honest, perseverance, humility, making decisions and ability to inspire others. Sometimes managers are feeling like the superemployee. In this situation, teammates judges more often, more severely and are also expecting more and more.

10. Lack of rules how to follow the leader.

What makes you so special that people want to follow you? How much space do you give your people to work? How often do you verify their work? How often do you talk with your team? Are you the manager that exert pressure on co-workers? Or maybe you are the manager that give time to perform all duties?


To sum up this article, I will ask just one question – how do you think, are you the right person in the right place?


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